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Kissing is like drinking salted water. You drink, and your thirst increases.

I have realized over the past month that there are MANY ways to go about writing a kiss. Why, you might ask? I have my reasons, just like the next girl. Still, with each passing day, I sweat the small stuff. So much so that I started to believe that I have been doing it wrong all these years! You mean my heart isn’t supposed to stop when our lips meet???

As a result of my incessant toiling, I now have pages of research on things like: What does a kiss taste like? Does it have a feel and if it does, how do you describe it? Does it make a difference if you kiss when you are cold or warm? (The answer–Yes it can!)

There comes a point in time where you have to scream ENOUGH! Let’s get some action already… Right? So I hit my wall and decided enough of all this generic kissing—let’s get to the good stuff. However, I quickly realized that what works for one scene is completely wrong for another. Talk about a huge learning curve. There I am, revved up for some fancy kissing, and now I need to worry about where the hell that’s going to happen!

For instance, what kind of scene you are setting for your characters? It makes a huge difference if you have your characters doing their kissing in a shark infested ocean or hidden in a hollow by a beautiful tree…  I see your wheels turning—I told you.

So what do you do when you get to that part in the story and you want to set the right mood for your characters? You start slow and work your way up. Think about the mood—is it hurried, relaxed, sloppy? Whatever your mood is will set the stage for what comes next.

You’re scratching your head now, aren’t you. What comes next, you ask? Well, that would be the closeness of your characters, of course. How you write them getting close enough together to lock lips can be just as exciting as the actual kiss. I have done A LOT of writing with my characters, working on how to get them close without actually kissing. It is always exciting to go there and think of new ways to string ordinary words together to make something mouth wateringly good.

Once you get your characters in smooching territory, it is time for the main event. This is where the meat of the sandwich comes into play. Take your time exploring every single sense. You may never use everything that pops up, but trust me—a lot of the stuff that comes out will go a long way with what does make it onto the page.

Taking everything I’ve learned and applying it was a huge leap of faith that I would be able to get it right. It took me about an hour—give or take, and a permablush to boot (yes folks, I blush when I write scenes of this intimate nature), this is what popped out for Annie in the roleplay I write for.


Emma…kissed him? Annie suddenly understood the emotion behind Kerry’s anguish here in the hollow, and she reacted the only way she knew how. She sat up on her knees and straddled his lap. Her hands rested on his chest as she inched her body closer to his.

The salty flavor of his tears played on the tip of her tongue while her lips kissed them away; she moved her mouth, lingering over his lips. A delicate breeze swept through the trees above, sending down a fresh shower of leaves…

Annie sat motionless—her breath coming in shallow puffs, her lips grazing his. She kissed him on the lips…But I’ve seen how it should be done. Her mouth parted as her tongue slid, first across his lips, and then probing further still. Annie’s world ceased to exist as she explored the taste of him, which was both sweet and wet. His body under her own urging her forward—his touch as greedy as her own.

She moved her hands, tangling them in his hair, and pressed herself closer still. A soft moan escaped her, the sound foreign to her own ears.

The seconds felt like an eternity in paradise. When Annie broke the kiss and leaned back, she lowered her hands to his shoulders and gazed deeply into his eyes–her entire body aflame.

“Kerry, it’s important that you tell me how you feel…right at this exact moment in time.”

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