“It’s never too late to be who you might have been.”

Camp NanoWriMo has fired up and is moving full steam ahead, beckoning all of us to put on some comfy jammies and stay a while.


Of course I’ve obliged–albeit late–sweeping my hair up into a high bun and surrounding myself with the soulful voice of Adele and a surprisingly uncluttered work surface.

I’ve also gotten comfortable with my new cast of characters. I’ve spent less time in their heads so it’s cavernous and roomy. I can already tell that they are willing participants to be molded into what I need them to be. That’s a glorious feeling, as the rest of you out there also molding characters can agree with, I’m sure.

What’s my story about? I have a general idea but not much beyond that. I’m attacking Camp with the attitude that what comes out is what’s supposed to come out. I’ll worry about the mess later. But so far, the beginning has me interested to see more….so that’s not an altogether bad thing!